Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on Blog and Meds

I thought I'd write a post updating everyone on what is going on in my life right now.

First, I'm doing well.  Just wanted to set everyone's mind at ease :)

I'm trying to figure out what direction I want to take my blog.  I've decided to keep my (semi) Daily Tune, because I enjoy sharing these with you.  I hope you also enjoy them.

I'll be keeping my Scripture Memory Verse on Sundays, hopefully Wordfilled Wednesday and {this moment}/Feel Good Friday.  Other than that I think I might let myself go freestyle.

I'll add recipes when I try a great one, I'll add book reviews when I actually get a book read, and new craft creations as I make them.

I'll see how this works for a while.

On another front, I am in the midst of a planned med change.  It is going fairly well due in part to the fact that I was in a good place to start, I believe anyway.

We had added Abilify to my Lexapro/Klonopin regiment to get me through the Christmas season but the Abilify is just way too expensive if another SSRI will do the trick.

I called my Dr. to get the process started when I was ready.  At first he suggested Zoloft which I declined.  It was the very first SSRI I had tried and I have lots of very bad memories of that time.  Bad connotations.

So, I have started weaning off the Lexapro and started taking Paxil.  I was a bit surprised that the Dr. wanted me to try Paxil.  I was expecting him to suggest one of the newer SSRI/SSNRI meds.  So far, so good, though!

I thought I'd have more withdrawal/starting up symptoms but it has been fairly smooth so far.  (I probably shouldn't write that!)  I've been getting a slight headache in the afternoon to which I'm attributing to the weaning of the Lexapro.  Thursday will be my first day completely of the Lex and at a 20mg dose of Paxil.  I wanted to experiment and do it sooner to see what would happen but sanity prevailed and I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea.

Well, that is all for this post.  Let me know what you think about my blog changes and med changes. 

Changes, changes, changes.  Let us pray they are all changes for the better!

Have a great Monday!  I'm going yarn shopping so I now I will!

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  1. I so understand what you are going through. After I had my hysterectomy in 2006, I fell apart. I am pretty positive I had depression/anxiety issues before the surgery, but that just pushed me way off the edge. I have been on several meds through the course of the 6 years. All of the ones you have mentioned I have taken. Effexor is the only one that makes me feel *normal*. It was the first one I was on, then was switched to others because I developed HBP. Finally after 5 years of the meds game and a new doctor, I was put back on the Effexor and my days are pretty much normal. As normal as can be. I also take Estradol. So...if you still have issues and have not been put on the Effexor, I suggest you ask about it. It has made my life as normal as it can be. Take care <3


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