Monday, December 19, 2011

Ten Commandments for the Christmas Season

1.  Thou shalt remember to keep Christ in Christmas.

2.  Thou shalt pause in thy business to consider the magnitude of God's gift of Christ to mankind.

3.  Remembering that Mary and Joseph found no room in the inn, thou shalt give Christ the chief room in thy heart.

4.  Thou shalt participate in the Christmas activities sponsored by thy church.

5.  Thou shalt be generous in thy gifts to missions at Christmas.

6.  Thou shalt take time to plan for the happiness of those outside thine own circle of family and friends.

7.  Thou shalt enjoy, in unhurried calm, the priceless heritage of Christmas music which exalts the Lord Jesus Christ.

8.  Thous shalt give of thyself in all gifts, giving not for duty, for reciprocity, or personal satisfaction--but for the simple joy of sharing.

9.  Thou shalt remember, with great patience and understanding, all those who serve thee:  the sales clerk, the postman, the delivery man, and all others who bear the physical burden of the holiday season.

10.  Thou shalt teach they children the true meaning of Christmas, of the Prince of Peace, who came to give mankind a way to righteousness and true lasting happiness.

copied (source unknown)


  1. Awe...thank you...What a wonderful list! I might just have to share this on my blog this week! Do you have a source?

  2. I'm glad you liked it. I don't have the source. All it said after it was "copied". I wish I had the source, too.


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