Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap ~ 8/15/11

I hope everyone had a good weekend and eased into Monday gently!

I know I wasn't ready to get out of bed this morning even though I slept better last night than I did all last week.  Maybe because Doug worked 3rd shift last week which means Laken snuck in bed with me which means her foot, butt or head was jammed into my back every night.  Or maybe it was just good to know that Doug was home or maybe I was just dead tired! 

I was very busy last week working in the library at school.  I let the house pile up a bit so Saturday morning was "digging out of the rubble" time.  I'm so glad that Kaylee is a little older now and I can assign her tasks to help me out.  She's actually getting pretty thorough.  Not all the time.  Sometimes she does the bare minimum to stay out of trouble but she's learning!

We went "Angel" shopping Saturday evening.  The "Secret Angel" picnic is this Saturday and we got our Angel's an end-of-the-year gift.  We got to look for boy stuff so that was fun.

Sunday started with 1st Place at 8am, then Sunday School and Church.  George Rigo was our guest speaker and he did a great job!  I just love all the Rigo's.  They are a great Christian family.

After Church, Kaylee and I went yarn shopping and got our hair did.  We basically have the same cut.  Bobbed with short layers in the back.  I got rid of my highlights for an all-over color and went back to as close to my original color as possible.

We got home just a little bit before time to go to Coffee Break at Church.  We're studying "Bible Manners and Customs".  We're almost done with that study and then we're going to start a study on "Daniel".

Later, I talked Doug into watching a Hallmark movie while relaxing on the bed.  He wasn't thrilled but I saw that he was getting into the movie a bit.  The movie was "Honeymoon for One" with Nicollette Sheridan.  It was cute even if a bit predictable.

I also finished reading a 3 book series by Susan May Warren called the "Deep Haven" series.  So good!  Reviews to follow.

So that was pretty much my weekend.  Busy, busy, busy but in a good way.

I hope everyone has a good week!

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