Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Happily Ever After" by Susan May Warren

Deep Haven Series Book 1

Happily Ever After (Deep Haven, Bk 1)

Book Description:

She thought her hero was just a fairy tale... — Mona Reynolds knows exactly whom she wants to marry. The only problem is, he isn't real. — Mona's dream is about to come true. With the help of her best friend, Liza, she's transforming an old Victorian house in the lovely lakeside town of Deep Haven into the Footstep of Heaven Bookstore and Coffee Shop. If only she could swing a hammer.

Luckily for Mona, Joe Michaels -- a handsome, mysterious handyman -- agrees to help in exchange for rent in the apartment above her garage. But when disaster threatens her dream, Mona turns to her handyman for more than just household solutions and finds that some fairy tales have surprise endings.... 

My Thoughts:

I loved this book.  Mainly because it was about creating a bookstore, renovating, and a tall-dark-handsome hero!

But really.  This was an excellent book.  I loved that it took place by the lake.  My dream is to someday live in a cabin on a lake.  That is why we usually rent one for our family vacation each year.  This book just increased my desire.  Maybe one day...

I fell in love with "Rip" the chocolate lab.  I often thank God for the companionship of animals.  Especially my hounds.  Even though they sometimes drive me crazy!

The storyline was well written and kept me guessing and wishing for more when the book ended.

Luckily there are two more books in the series and I read them all in one weekend.  They were all excellent and I'll be reviewing book 2 and 3 soon.

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