Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Love is Monumental" by Annalisa Daughety

A Walk in the Park Book 2

Love Is Monumental (A Walk in the Park Bk 2)

Book Description:

Discover the Washington Monument along with park ranger Vickie Harris who loves her job. But while life in the District of Columbia is exciting and fun, shy Vickie has resigned herself to the likelihood of being single forever. — She's never been head-over-heels in love. . .not even really been kissed!

But when a handsome professor asks the reserved, research-loving ranger for assistance on a project, will Vickie agree? Will she come out of her shell long enough to discover that Love Is Monumental?

My Thoughts:

Well, I LOVE history and LOVE going to State and National Parks, so this book had it going for me from the start.  I really liked book one of the series, "Love is a Battlefield", and looked forward to reading this book.

I thought the characters were very realistic.  Finally a man in a romance novel that has no clue!!!  It was so refreshing to see the hero actually be unromantic and just plain clueless.  It made me feel so much better about my very concrete thinking husband.

Let me  Sometimes after reading a romance, I get a little bit mad at my husband.  Why can't he be as romantic or say nice things or give compliments all the time like the fictional hero does?  Why does he no longer YEARN to just be near me?  hehe

Well, because he's a real man with real man concerns.  Working 40+ hours a week, helping to raise our girls, do work around the house, serve in the church etc.  And we've been married for 10 years.  (Should that make a difference though?)  And I admit that I have a lot going on as well and probably don't gush over him as I did when we were dating, childless and had a lot less responsibility.

So, I really liked this book.  I could identify with the leading lady being reserved and a bit shy.  And I really liked the leading man.  Clueless and all.

I'm really looking forward to reading book three of the series:  "Love is Grand"!

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  1. Im off to the beach for a week and this is definately on my reading list! I'll have to find the ebook version. Thanks!


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