Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wifey Wednesdays-What Your Bedroom Says About You

Sheila at To Love Honor and Vacuum hosts Wifey Wednesdays. Today she is focusing on the bedroom. It is her opinion that the bedroom should be the most important room in the house. And I agree. She has 6 great tips on how to make your bedroom enhance your marriage.

Growing up at my parent's house, my bedroom was my oasis. My domain. Now that I have an entire house under my control, I still want the bedroom to be that sactuary. A place I can go and get away from daily life.

Now though, it isn't only "mine" but "ours". A place for me and my husband to spend time "alone" together. Our getaway from the world.

I admit that at times, I've let the bedroom become the catch-all and it slowly morphs into a laundry room with a path around the bed. I used to clean the rest of the house and leave our bedroom until last and it never got finished. I hated walking in there because it reminded me of all the work I needed to do. Per Sheila's suggestion, I will no longer fold laundry on the bed. The sewing room will work just as well.

There have also been times in the past that our children have thought "our" bedroom was also "theirs". I finally put an end to that because nobody was getting any quality sleep let alone me and the hubby getting some quality "time".

We used to have a TV in our bedroom. Until my daughter's TV blew up. Our TV moved to her room, and I must say that I LOVE not having a TV in the bedroom. My husband used to watch hunting shows while I was trying to go to bed. Not romantic. Now when Doug's work schedule actually permits us to go to bed at the same time, we talk and snuggle. So much better. I will fight to never have a TV in our room ever again!

A few weeks ago, you might remember, my mom helped me do a deep clean and purge of my entire house. (Click here to see Our Bedroom; click here to see "The Miller Homestead"). Since that time, I have done a pretty good job of keeping our room an oasis for our marriage. It even inspired me to get new bedding.



I think it looks much more cozy and inviting. Don't you?

Thank you, Sheila, for hosting Wifey Wednesdays and for making me think about the importance of the bedroom.

Now, I must go buy some candles...wink...wink...

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  1. It looks great. I love the new color. I totally agree about a TV in the bedroom. I'm even thinking about taking out the reading lights (just kidding). Great job. I think I'll begin my cleaning in the bedroom for a change.


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