Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Review: "Love Finds You in Treasure Island Florida" by Debby Mayne

Book Description:

Amanda Burns owns a bicycle shop in Treasure Island, Florida, but she almost never has time to enjoy the charming town or its beautiful beaches. When shes not caring for her emotionally demanding sister, shes busy waiting on customers. But theres one customer she never minds seeing.

Each year, the handsome Jerry Simpson returns to the shop to rent a bicycle for two. When Amanda discovers the story behind the tandem bicyclethat Jerry takes his aging parents to the island for their anniversary each yearshe finds herself drawn to the man who selflessly gives of his time for the people he loves. Jerrys sense of responsibility to his parents has prevented him from even thinking about love.

Will he and Amanda find the treasure they both deserve even if neither of them is looking for it?

My Thoughts:

I muddled through this book, I hate to say. The plot was good but there were so many scenes that I thought were forced.

I didn't like how Amanda treated her sister like a child and didn't make her grow up until the very end. Jerry treated his aging parents like children which would get old really fast. They did worked on this throughout the end of the book.

I wanted to really like this book, but to me it was just OK.


  1. hi there ms. collettakay!!
    Thank you for your review...From reading the book description I thought to myself "ewww...this sounds good!". I'm glad to know your thoughts on it.
    I love all your book reviews!

  2. I'm visiting from the Lady Blogger's Society.

    If I ever see this book in a bookstore, I'm going to pass it up. I hate when author makes the scene seem weird and 'forced'.

  3. Popped in from Lady bloggers! Thanks for the honest review!


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