Monday, August 23, 2010

Marriage Mondays- Tell 5 Day 1

Julie of Come Have a Peace and host of Marriage Mondays gave a "Tell 5" challenge this week.

"Would you "Tell 5" with me this week? Each weekday this week, would you ask God to give you an opportunity to share "good news" about your husband with someone you talk to? You could start today by sharing a comment (at the end of this post) about something you appreciate about your man. Every day, tell one other person a bit of goodness about your guy = Tell 5. It will impact YOU in the way you think about him. It will impact the HEARER and how they think of your hubby and you. It will impact your HUSBAND as he notices your tender heart and maybe hears the good news from a distant land. Don't be the one to tell him yourself! That would spoil it. :)"

Day 1:

My husband, Doug, is absolutely the best father in the world. My girls have him so totally wrapped around their little fingers.

A few weeks ago we went to Niagra Falls. One evening, the girls wanted to go swimming in Lake Ontario. The plan was for them just to dip their feet in and wade. That way we could just hold their hands without getting too wet.

We should have known better. A little taste just wasn't enough for them. Next thing I know, they've talked Daddy into taking them out deeper. He hadn't brought any other clothes along but that didn't stop him from making childhood memories with them.

Out he went. Clothes and all. He had a very wet ride back to the bungalow.

As my littlest would say, "He's the best dad ever!"


  1. What a great example! And I'm sure the soggy shorts were a small sacrifice for being the official hero of the family. :) Thanks for sharing this today Colletta!

  2. Awesome moment for your children. Makes me remember, one day while we were in Mexico for vacations. The day before it rained a lot that the near by river to the house got full of water. My husband and kids went down there and got all wet. Thanks for sharing your Tell 5 memory.


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