Monday, July 19, 2010

The Miller Homestead - Kitchen

Since my blog is called "Colletta's Kitchen Sink", I decided the tour of The Miller Hometead should start with the Kitchen.

This is an over-all view of the Kitchen from the Dining Room. I couldn't figure out what the black things were on the floor. Then I remembered that the phone had fallen off the counter and the back popped off.

Here's the infamous Kitchen sink. I had to get a picture while it was actually empty for about 2 seconds. The window looks out onto the Deck.

In this picture you can see more of the counter space, the microwave, the refrigerator and the laundry "hall" off to the side of the Kitchen.

This corner houses the stove, my Pampered Chef turnabout, the garbage can and my baker's rack with my stereo and cds. You can also see one of my aprons hanging on the wall. There are a couple hooks beyond that holding more aprons.

Also on the baker's rack our snowcone maker and syrup, my cookbooks and our "Celebration Board". I got the idea of the "Celebration Board" from a blog. (its been a while and I can't remember which one.) The idea is to have the whole family pariticipate in writing things each day that are worth celebrating. This day we celebrated "Clean Rooms!"

Here is our bar area. We eat lunch here alot and the kids usually have their snack here. Whenever my dad comes, he always sits on the stool over by the wall. I always know when he's been here because he never pushes it back in!

Well, that's my humble Kitchen. Watch tomorrow for the Dining Room.


  1. I love your kitchen! So bright and pretty! I also wanted to add that I love the snowball maker ya'll have....I need to get one like it. I tried out my friends and it's so easy that the kids can do it themselves.

  2. Hope you are all having fun this week. I'm enjoying the pictures of your house. So Comfy and Cozy! :)

  3. I enjoyed seeing your kitchen. Dropping by from Note Songs. I hope you'll stop by Atticmag to see our kitchens - it's a three for one!


  4. Hi Colletta,

    I like your kitchen, especially window over the sink. I'll bet you enjoy that view.

    Check out my book giveaways.

  5. Love all the light filtering in to your very pretty kitchen.

    Have a beautiful eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  6. An awesome kitchen! It is so big and roomy! :) Lots for work space and storage. :)


  7. Hi Colletta! Oh, what a wonderful bright and shiny kitchen you have! You have a snowball maker? My children would have loved that when they were little. Well, I would have loved it too! :) You have lots of space in your kitchen and you've decorated it so nicely!
    Thank you so much, Colletta, for coming to my party!
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. So cozy kitchen, love your baker's rack!


  9. Hi Colletta,
    Very nice kitchen! Your live plants really add a nice touch!

  10. I love the "celebrate" idea, and if you don't mind, I'd like to snag it for my own family, too. :) Thanks.


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