Thursday, July 8, 2010

Book Review: "Love on a Dime" by Cara Lynn James

"Ladies of Summerhill Book 1"

Book Description:

It’s the summer of 1899 in Newport, Rhode Island, and Lilly Westbrook is struggling to conceal her career from family and friends because of the stigma attached to dime novels. Lilly feels good about her secret-after all, she’s enlightening working class girls with her books and honoring God by using her talents to His glory.

But her secret is threatened when Jackson Grail, a former suitor, becomes Lilly’s new publisher. He’s determined to revive his floundering publishing house by maximizing their most promising--and most secretive--author. His plan? Find "Fannie Cole" and convince her to go public.

When a gossip columnist discovers Lilly’s true identity, she finds that being faithful to her calling involves more than just putting pen to paper. It requires that she stand up for her faith and for herself, no matter the consequences.

My Thoughts:

I wish I could have read this more in longer snatches of time. With the busy holiday weekend and "Spring Cleaning in July", I wasn't able to read for long lengths of time. So, that made my impression very choppy.

I enjoyed the plot of the book. I found it amusing that the author is writing about a lady author when lady authors weren't cool. (Ode to Barbara Mandrell from my childhood.)

There could have been so much less heartache for the characters if they had only put status and money after the things that are more important. Christ first, others second and ourselves last.

The second book of the series is already on my wishlist. The heroine is a reporter. Sounds interesting.

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