Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Miller Homestead - Kaylee's Room

My daughter, Kaylee, is 9 years old and loves horses, dogs and posters. A pretty typical girl for her age. Today's feature is Kaylee's Room.

This is the view from her doorway. I made her quilt about 2 years ago. The pattern is "Sister's Choice". We just repainted her furniture a few weeks ago.
Behind the curtain that I made is her closet. It is pretty organized for the time being. Her book shelf now holds the pre-teen books that she is reading. Her little-kid books had have been passed down to her sister. She has a few trophies from Softball on her book shelf and pictures from the past two years at Church Camp on the wall.
From the other corner of her room you can see her doorway. Just inside the door is her Music Corner. Her guitar, flute and music stand reside there. There is a good view in this picture of her horse border. It is so pretty but I'm sure she'll be ready for a more grown-up decor in a few years.

Her TV is on top of her dresser. Her desk folds up and latches to give her more floor space when it is not in use. The huge horse picture was her grandmother's and is very special to Kaylee. The poster is a project she did as part of a book report when she read "Marley & Me." I got her the name plaque from an artist in New York City.

And that, my friends, is Kaylee's Room. She's been doing a very good job at keeping it cleaned up lately. We'll see how long it lasts!
Tomorrow I'll show you Laken's Room.

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  1. Pretty girly room...and your daughter is very good to clean up after her.


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