Sunday, December 27, 2009

Over-sized Steelers Tote

I made this over-sized Steelers tote for my aunt for our family gift exchange.

I bought two different Steelers fabrics and made my own charm squares which I then made into my very own quilted fabric. I lined it with the light fabric and have two pockets on the inside made of the black fabric.

The straps are nice and wide and are very easy on the shoulders.

I made a base for the bottom inside out of cardboard covered in the light fabric so that the bag holds its shape.

I have buttons on the sides so it can be either open or buttoned up for a more streamlined look. There is also a button on top to snap it shut.

My 8 year-old is holding it for the picture so it looks just a tad bigger than it really is, but it's still huge and great for toting lots of stuff. I made myself one a few months ago and LOVE it!



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