Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another WIP Bites the Dust: TATW

Here are the promised pictures of the Trip Around the World quilt I made for my cousin, Steph, in Iowa. It will start its journey tomorrow.

This is what it started as:

And this is how it ended up after machine piecing and hand quilting.

Finishing a project is so bittersweet. Oh well. Another WIP bites the dust. On to the next in the pile.


  1. Gorgeous color combination! That makes a lovely bed quilt, no wonder Kaylee wanted to learn to quilt...she has you for inspiration and support!

  2. Oh that is beautiful, and the colours work so well together. I admire people who can put colours together successfully as I'm a disaster at that- you sure have the gift!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Does anyone actually stitch by hand? Quilt by hand, yes. Seams?!? That just sounds nuts!


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