Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hodgepodge & Chats ~ Disney World Edition ~ 6/13/12

This week's questions:

1. In what way are you your own worst enemy?

I'm very critical of myself.

2. Jacques Cousteau's birthday was Monday, June 11th...ever been scuba diving? Is that something you'd like to try? What's your favorite 'under the sea' creature?

I've never been scuba diving.  I'm not sure if it is something I would try to not.  Maybe snoorkling ...  I like dolphins :)

3. On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you in and around the water? (1=not at all, 10=very) Do you know how to swim and if so how and when did you learn?

Probably a 4.  Well it depends on how deep the water is because I can swim only on the level of around the pool.

4. What's something you do to motivate yourself to tick an item off your to-do list?

Knowing that if I hurry up and do it I can move on to something I enjoy.

5. What makes a good neighbor? Are you a good neighbor?

Giving privacy yet being nice and saying "hi!' while passing each other in the driveway :)  I like to hope I'm a good neighbor.

6. Who loads the dishwasher at your house? Is there a right way and a wrong way?

I load the dishwasher 99% of the time.  The other 1% my husband does and he only puts a few items in it.  I have a very specific routine for filling the dishwasher.

7. You know it's summer when_________________________.

School gets out and we open up the pool!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Vacation is lovely, but I'm looking forward to go home...


Here are the questions:

1.What do you do when friends or family pull out a camera? Hide, pose, smile, pull out your own camera and take a photo of whatever they are photographing, or something else?

Run away screaming if it is pointed at me!  If it is pointed somewhere else, I join in the fun.

2.Did you take any type of music lesson in elementary school?

I played flute for 7 years (6th grade through 12th grade).

3.What is your favorite color of cat (even if you aren't a cat person)?

Gray.  Though, I'm more of a dog person.

4.What did you have for dinner yesterday?

Yesterday for supper I had Chicken Penne Alfredo from the Pop Century Cafeteria.  It was yummy!

5.Do your feet hit the floor running in the morning, or do you drag your self out of bed?

I'm definitely a dragger in the morning.  I'm so glad school is out and I don't have to set the alarm clock to get Kaylee out of bed.

Have a great day!


  1. Hello stopping by from the Hodgepodge..

    Wow I think we are little bit a like from reading your first two answers.. I was the same way too.. I am hard on myself..

    I love getting things done also so I can be on my way..

    Have a great night..

  2. Visiting from Chat on the Farmhouse Porch...Chicken Alfredo sounds good. Haven't had that in a long time...Oh! I'm sure you are a wonderful neighbor. have a blessed day :o)

  3. It seems from reading the Hodgepodge most women are too hard on themselves, too critical of themselves, and they don't give themselves enough credit for what they can and do do every day.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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