Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Fragments & Favorite Things ~ 6/1/12

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5 Highlights from the past week:


1.  We had a great day Monday.  It started with the Memorial Day Parade.  We had a picnic at my brother's house.  We took an afternoon nap in the air conditioning.  In the evening we went for ice-cream :)


2.  Kaylee had a softball tournament on Saturday.  I don't know for sure, but I think it might have been the hottest day of the year so far!  It was so much fun watching the girls.  No so much fun getting sunburned :(


3.  HGTV Design Star is back!!!  And there are two designers from Pittsburg, PA!  I'm not so sure I like either of them but, hey, they're from the 'Burg!  This week was the "Design their condo".  Next week is my favorite "White Box Challenge"!

HGTV Design Star Season 7 Designers


4.  Kaylee had a science fair project that is due today.  I'm not saying that the project itself was a high.  Getting the project DONE is what I'm glad about.  lol  It had me worried for a while.  Her project was creating electricity from a potato and a small generator to see which could light up a light bulb.  Last night we spent the whole evening working on her "tri-fold" experiment board.  DONE!  DONE! DONE!


5.  Today!  Is!  The!  Last!  Day!  Of!  School!


I look forward to reading everyone's highlights from the week!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lot going on for you last week!!! I used to dread those projects and do not miss that from the kids being at very unfavorite was building a working volcano!

    So nice to "meet" you! And if it's as hot where you live as it is here in Florida, I'm sorry!

  2. I like science so congrats to Kaylee on the electrical experiment. I found out not long ago via youtube that you can make circuits with play-doh. Homemade play-doh works the best. I glad it cooled off from the Memorial Day temps.

  3. LOVE the title of your blog!

    Also love some of the "stuff" I see hovering around your sink! (Bread box is probably my fave)

  4. Cute haader for your blog! The best thing about school is the last day--love that feeling of freedom! Glad you got that science project done, what a relief!


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