Tuesday, January 9, 2024

WIP Wednesday ~ 1/10/2024


I thought I'd do a weekly post listing my current crafty works-in-progress (WIP).

As of Monday afternoon, when I'm typing this post, I have two WIPs that I'm actively working on and would like to get finished this week.

The first is this "Mini" Cow.  It is a free pattern by Grace and Yarn .  I started the regular sized cow pattern and it was huge!  I then decided to switch over to the "mini" cow.  Even the mini cow is turning out quite large and is taking quite a while to finish.  I have to make two arms, some spots and tail to finish it up.  I'm going to put crocheted flowers on the head instead of horns as I don't think female cows have horns.  Correct me if I'm wrong, please!  I'm hoping to finish this up soon!

My second WIP is a Think Pink Prayer Shawl for my Etsy shop.  I'm almost halfway finished with it at this point and would really like to complete it this week.  The pattern is based on Attic 24's cozy stripe blanket that I've modified.

  If I start (and don't finish) any more projects before Wednesday, I'll let you know :)

What are you working on?  How many WIPs do you currently have?


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