Friday, January 19, 2024

My Weekly Bookishness ~ 1/19/2024

All things bookish!

What I Read:

I haven't been reading much lately but that is something I want to change.  I have a goal to read at LEAST 15 minutes a day before going to bed.  If you struggle to get reading time fit into your schedule, please let me know your tips and tricks because I really miss reading for fun!


What I'm Reading:


In the dead of winter, high school teacher Wren Matthews finds a mysterious guy, half-frozen on her doorstep. Despite her pledge to steer clear of men, she just can't shut the door on him. As she helps him get back on his feet, it's impossible to ignore the sparks flying between them.

But there's more to this stranger. His name is Keegan Winslow, a former cop with a secret so heavy it could shatter their growing bond. Knowing the danger he could put Wren in, he wrestles with the thought of packing up and leaving.

As the storm outside rages on, trapping them inside, it becomes harder for them to ignore their feelings. Can they conquer the storm, his past, and find love amidst the holiday magic?

First Lines:

Wren Matthews took the last of the cranberry-walnut bread from the oven and set the small loaves to cool on the oak sideboard.

56%/Page 56

She'd had a nightmare.  An ugly dream in which unknown assailants were chasing her, and she'd been desperately searching for a gun.


What I'll (Probably) Read Next:


A Beauty and the Beast retelling…

A woman with a secret, a recluse, and a marriage of convenience.

For over a year Isabeau Daniels lived in fear of a stalker. Now, with him in jail, she’s ready to start fresh in Dallas as a housekeeper for Rowan Masters—a well known lawyer and recluse.

A car accident left Rowan Masters burned—both physically and emotionally. He’s spent the last twelve years hiding in his family home—and now, to keep his home he’s forced to marry.

Isabeau loves the feeling of safety that Rowan’s mansion offers, and he needs a wife. When a marriage of convenience turns into something more, can they leave behind the nightmare of the past and find the beauty in loving each other?


Book Haul:

None this week :(


Book Blogger Hop:

Q. Have you ever loved a book that everyone else hated or hated a book that everyone else loved? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

A. I can't say that I've ever HATED a book that everyone else loved but there are a few books/series that I haven't read and don't see what the hype is all about...Fifty Shades, Harry Potter etc.  Maybe if I read them I would have loved them.  Who can say???



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  1. I do hope you get your reading mojo back. It's frustrating to have lost that.

    1. One thing I do to get more reading time in is to read in the evenings instead of watching a movie or show on tv.

  2. I put reading 15 minutes on my calendar daily and I check it off my to do list. Both of those books sound like good ones.

  3. Welcome back. Good luck with your goal to read before bed. I always tell myself I will read x amount of pages before turning off the light and it hardly ever happens.

  4. These both sound like good reads. You can see my post
    here Have a great weekend 😊

  5. Sorry to hear you've lost your reading mojo. I've had that happen several times. I really hope you start loving it again.

  6. I hope you get your 15 mins. Once you get a good book that really grabs you I am sure that you will get your enjoyment back ☺️ I lost my mojo for the 9 months I was pregnant. I got it back nearly instantly after I gave birth 😂

    I think that hate is a strong word for a book. Dislike greatly maybe more accurate 😂 I'm generally easily pleased (now that I have my mojo back!).

    Have a good weekend

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

  7. I hope you are able to get in some reading time, Colletta. Regarding your Friday56 excerpt, I hate dreams like that. I always feel out of sorts when I wake from them.

    A book I can think of that I haven't read that many people love is Little Women. I have never felt the desire to read it myself.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Oh yes on those series. I haven't read any of those books.

    Hope you had a good week.

  9. Happy Saturday!

    I’m currently reading Sadie and the Bad Boy Billionaire by Emma St. Clair and Jenny Proctor. It’s super cute!
    “I don’t want to be impressed with Benedict’s boat. Yacht. I don’t want to be impressed with his yacht. But honestly, this thing is gorgeous.”
    I hope you have a great weekend full of fun reading time! 😊

  10. I've had dreams like the one in the 56. Never pleasant.

    Good luck getting more reading time. It can be a struggle at times.

  11. It's so funny how reading can ebb and flow it will come back! I think the 15 mins goal is a great one. I also listen to books while I do chores around the house and that helps!

  12. Good luck with reading —or with finding a substitute that serves you more effectively. Maybe it’s not for you right now.
    best, mae at

  13. Reading before bedtime is a good way to bump out of a reading slump -- I hope it works well for you.

  14. Harry Potter was my childhood obsession. I read Fifty Shades and don't understand the hype.

  15. Good luck with your goal. I often read while eating lunch, or while I cook dinner.

    Wishing you a great week

  16. Fifteen minutes a day is a good start. I'm lucky to be retired which gives me more time to read. Keegan does sound like a good book. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  17. Good luck with your reading goal! Sometimes slumps happen. Just be kind to yourself and the joy will come back.


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