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Book Review ~ Keegan by Lori Wilde ~ 1/23/2024


Title:   Keegan by Lori Wilde
Series:  Texas Rascals Book #1
Pages:  348
Date Published: November 13, 2018
Publisher:  Epiphany Orchards Press


In the dead of winter, high school teacher Wren Matthews finds a mysterious guy, half-frozen on her doorstep. Despite her pledge to steer clear of men, she just can't shut the door on him. As she helps him get back on his feet, it's impossible to ignore the sparks flying between them.

But there's more to this stranger. His name is Keegan Winslow, a former cop with a secret so heavy it could shatter their growing bond. Knowing the danger he could put Wren in, he wrestles with the thought of packing up and leaving.

As the storm outside rages on, trapping them inside, it becomes harder for them to ignore their feelings. Can they conquer the storm, his past, and find love amidst the holiday magic?

My Thoughts:

Until this week, I had not read a fiction book in a year!  That seems impossible for the person who used to read 3-4 books a week!  I've made it a goal to read at least 15 minutes a day and it worked :)  I read well over my daily time goal and finished "Keegan" in 2 days.  I love reading fiction!  It is so much better than watching TV.

Speaking of TV, I got burned out watching Hallmark Christmas movies, so I was a little bit leery to go into my Kindle and pick one of the Christmas reads I had downloaded in December to be my first foray back into the fiction world.  But, like I wrote above, reading is so much better than TV!

Wren and Keegan both had such tragic pasts and were damaged much more than just physically.  The healing and redemptive storyline was very heavy throughout the book, in a good way.

Wren's dairy farm was the perfect setting for getting snowed in.  Keegan came along at the perfect time even though I felt Wren was a bit too trusting.

The Christmas theme throughout the book was at the forefront as it mostly took place on Christmas Eve Eve, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It was a very fast paced few days!  Especially on the love front.

"Keegan" is a clean romance with some steam, if that makes sense.  Nothing over the top but enough to keep it spicy.

I wouldn't say that I loved this book but I really liked it.  It was definitely worth the download!

Onto the next book :)

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