Thursday, November 8, 2018

Thankful Thursday ~ 11/8/18

~We went to see "The Nutcracker:  Four Realms" on Saturday afternoon.  I wasn't that thrilled to be seeing it but Laken was really excited about it so that made it a priority.  I ended up really liking it!  It was a bit predictable, but aren't all movies these days?  I'm so cynical!  lol

~Later that evening, we played Dogopoly (again Laken's choice).  It was fun but anytime we play any form of Monopoly, it always ends in crying :(  Laken lost and there went the water works!  The Hubby of course won and had no mercy :)

~We're starting to get in the Christmas Spirit here!  Sirius XM Channel 70 is the Hallmark Christmas Music channel!  I'm so excited!

~The Holiday Baking Championship new season started on Monday night!  I love watching baking/cooking shows and what better way to get in the Spirit even more!

~BIG NEWS!  Kaylee is going to college!  Wednesday afternoon, we spent the whole afternoon filling out FAFSA forms and her college application.  We've made calls about placement testing, financial aid, scholarships, etc.  She won't be starting until Fall 2019, but getting started on the paperwork early is always necessary.  Her final decision on what to study is "Business Management".  Whoohoo!  I thought decision would never be made... :)

What are you thankful for today?


  1. WHOOO HOOO - College bound - that's exciting!!!!
    I want to take my youth group to see The Nutcracker. Glad to know you ended up liking it!

  2. YEAH!!!! College!!!! I cannot wait to see that movie - I am very cynical about everything these days - HA!


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