Tuesday, October 2, 2018

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes ~ Day 2 ~ Afraid

October 2, 2018

Today's writing prompt is the word "AFRAID".

I have to admit how afraid I was to post yesterday's "Story" post and tell you about my issues with Bipolar 2.

In fact, as I went to bed I had second thoughts and almost got out of bed to delete the post.  I felt so vulnerable.  So....  OUT there.

Now, though, I'm glad to have let the post go live.

I have to also admit to being a bit afraid of the actual diagnosis of Bipolar 2.  In fact, I haven't told all that many people in real life.  Why is there such as stigma attached?

I can't believe that was five minutes already!

I didn't get much written about being afraid today, but know that I'm still afraid at times and cling to the power of prayer daily.

Come back tomorrow to read my five minutes on "Believe".


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  1. Oh, those terrible thoughts that roll in our heads! I have those too -- often. Then they turn out to be nothing and I'm embarrassed to myself.

  2. Sometimes the most powerful things are said within just a few words. Keep sharing!!!


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