Monday, October 1, 2018

31 Day of Five Minute Free Writes ~ Day 1 ~ Story

October 1, 2018

Today's writing prompt is the word "STORY".

I know a lot of people will probably tell you THEIR story.  At first I wasn't going to do the same but as I think about it and am typing, I feel the burden to tell you something about myself that I haven't yet.

I've been skirting around the topic for some time.  About 8 months, in fact.

Just around 8 months ago, I was diagnosed as having Bipolar 2.

I've written on my blog many times about my depression and anxiety issues but something about coming out and telling you that I struggle with Bipolar 2 was scary for some reason.

I'm still me.  I just take a different prescription to help with the symptoms.

What a relief to tell you that aspect of my story.

My five minutes is up but my "STORY" isn't.

If you have questions about Bipolar 2, I highly recommend doing some research.  Especially if you struggle with treatment resistant anxiety and depression.

Feel free to ask me questions in the comments.



  1. You are a stickler to the five minutes!!! Good for you...and good for you to share such a sensitive "story" about yourself! Thank you for sharing your words today on this first day of 31! Seems like a lot, doesn't it!! I hope to share words of encouragement using the FMF free writes; so "my story" is somewhat shared throughout those words. I am a caregiver to my husband who has dementia, which is getting worse and is most likely alzheimer's disease. It's in the earlier stages and thankfully I am able to remain a bit independent and have my "things" I can still do...prayers and hugs as you walk this journey of 31 days!!

  2. We definitely need to talk more about mental health so well done you for being so open. I hope that having got a proper diagnosis and medication that it's not so overwhelming. Yes 5 minutes go very quickly but I set myself a timer so that I don't go over too much.Thanks for your visit.

  3. Good on you for opening up and talking about your mental health. x

  4. Thanks for sharing this part of your story. It takes courage to share hard things, but most of the time my experience has been that people are grateful and their respect grows.Visiting you from the 31 Day Challenge :)

  5. Welcome to blogtober, I love the idea of just 5 minutes to write the post as I always seem to ramble on, well done for discussing the issue of mental health, it is certainly an important one and one that needs to be spoken about more freely.

  6. I hate the stigma around mental health, and love the idea of 5 minute posts, mine end up taking ages as I ramble haha. Looking forward to reading more of your posts #Blogtober

  7. I can imagine the story with this trouble that has befuddled you. It would be similar to my story where it is a trouble that will never go away and learning to accept it and to constantly turn back to God. You've got this!

  8. Thanks for sharing!!! I'm sure that was a relief!!! Have been there myself. You've just helped someone else be free!!!


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