Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Work In Progress ~ 9/4/18


My cousin is having a Baby Shower on September 22nd.  Just a few short weeks away!

I can't make it to the Shower as I've already RSVP'd to another cousin's Wedding that very same day!  So, I decided to make a baby blanket to send along with my aunt to the Baby Shower.

That means, I must get to work on Ian's Baby Afghan!  (BTW, the baby is to be named Ian :)

My color theme is totally derived from the Baby Shower invitation.  Blue, gray and white.

I decided to go with the pattern "Beautiful Shells" as it works up quickly and I love how the pattern looks.  So easy to work on while watching TV.

I hope to have much more progress to show you next week!
What are you working on?



  1. That is beautiful! I so miss my grandmother working on things like this and I just never picked up the art of it. My mother still does some crocheting and knitting, but not as much as my grandmother did. I am working on my Pink Zebra business.

  2. Oh Ian's baby blanket is lovely the colors are wonderful together.


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