Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mug Cozies and "Hornet Pride"

This post is about mug cozies, but I'd like to veer off topic for a bit.

Our local school district voted to close our small community high school last week.  Our town is fighting back by opening a Charter school.  We've had it in the works for over a year getting all the pieces in order and getting the charter approved.

We're now in the phase of getting everything finalized and ready to open the doors for the first day of school this fall.  This takes start-up money until we can start billin the district.

Our school mascot is the "Hyndman Hornet" and our colors are orange and black.

Therefore, this first mug cozy is names "Hornet Pride".  50% of every sale of the "Hornet Pride" mug cozy in my etsy shop will go to the "Hope for Hyndman Charter School".

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"Hornet Pride"

Now for the other information about these cozies.  I found the free pattern at  They are so fun to make!

"Cherry Chip"





"Banana Berry"


These can all be found under the "Cozies" section of my shop.

Thanks so much for your support!!

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