Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"A Matter of Character" by Robin Lee Hatcher

Sisters of Bethlehem Springs ~ Book 3

A Matter of Character (Sisters of Bethlehem Springs, Bk 3)

Book Description:

The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series delivers exactly what readers have been waiting for -- smart, confident women who are not afraid to defy convention, live their own dreams, and share their lives if the right man comes along. —

In "A Matter of Character", book three in the Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series, it's 1918, and Daphne McKinley, heiress to a small fortune, has found contentment in the town of Bethlehem Springs. But Daphne has a secret.

A series of dime novels loosely based on local lore and featuring a nefarious villain known as Rawhide Rick has enjoyed modest popularity among readers. Nobody in Bethlehem Springs knows the man behind the stories ... except Daphne.

When newspaperman Joshua Crawford comes to town searching for the man who sullied the good name of his grandfather, Daphne finds herself at a crossroads, reassessing the power of her words, re-thinking how best to honor her gifts, and reconsidering what she wants out of life.

My Thoughts:

Well, Robin Lee Hatcher is one of my favorite all-time authors and I haven't read a bad book from her yet.  I had no doubt that the 3rd and final book of the "Sisters of Bethlehem" series would be just as good as the first 2.

Book 2:  "Fit to Be Tied"

Click on the title to see my reviews for the first two books.  They are both in the format that I used to do my reviews.  Do you think I should go back to that format or stick to a "My Thoughts" type of review?  Or, I could maybe combine the two.  That's an idea.

I was impatiently waiting to get my hands on "A Matter of Character".  I thought it would be so interesting to read a book by a female author about a female author when being a female author wasn't cool.  Did you follow that?

It was also very interesting to learn about the Spanish Flu.  I had no idea.  We've heard of the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu but even before that was the Spanish flu.  What was so absolutely thrilling was that in today's paper it actually had an article that mentioned the Spanish Flu!  How coincidental!

That is what I love about reading.  I love learning new things and getting some romance thrown in with it.

I definitely loved this series and greatly look forward to Robin Lee Hatcher's next series.  I hear she's already working on it!  Yay!

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