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Weekly Bible Study Update ~ 4/10/11


1st Place for Health.  

"God's Purpose for You". 
Week 2 ~ "Respond Wholeheartedly".

God's Purpose for You: First Place 4 Health Bible Study (First Place 4 Health Bible Study Series)

Memory Verse:  "Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the law.".  Proverbs 29:18

Day 1:  Running Wild
Day 2:  What God Reveals
Day 3:  Choosing God's Way
Day 4:  Understanding and Obedience
Day 5:  Wholehearted
Day 6:  Reflection and Application
Day 7:  Reflection and Application

This week's lesson was about how God wants us to resond wholeheartedly to obeying His commandments. 

Do we obey grudgingly?  Doing what is right but really wanting to do what we know is wrong.

I have to admit when it comes to food and dieting, that is right where I'm at.  I eat the Special K bar for lunch when I really want a Happy Meal like the rest of the family.

Exercise too.  Sometimes I have to force myself even though I'd rather be in my comfy bed reading a good book.

What about Sunday morning?  Do you get up anticipating a great worship service or do yo"u have to drag yourself out of bed due to a feeling of guilt and obligation?

This week, let's respond wholeheartedly to God and live our lives intentionally for His service.
Next:  Week :  "Desire Real Change"

"Walking With Women Through the Word" with Wendy Pope
One Year Chronological Bible in the New Living Translation.
April 3- April 9, 2011

NLT One Year Chronological Bible, Large Print Softcover  -

We're almost to Day 100 in our reading!

This week had so many great stories.

The Judges, Jephthah's Vow, Samson, The Levite and His Concubine (very disturbing), Naomi and Ruth (one of my very favorites), Hannah's Prayer, Samuel's Birth, and then the Capture of the Ark by the Philistines.

So many of these I learned about in Sunday School as a young girl and now my daughters are learning them as they grow up in the Church.

One thing I didn't remember reading before:  After Hannah gave Samuel over to the Lord's service, the Lord blessed her with 3 more sons and 2 daughters.  That made me so happy.  It made me want to say, "In your face, Penninah!"  I guess that isn't very Christian of me but Hannah does say a Prayer of Praise that kind of says that in a round-about way.  GO HANNAH!
I'm really looking forward to seeing what is in store for this week.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Hannah is one of my favorite women from the Bible.



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