Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Shop Updates} ~ 4/28/11

Each Thursday I am going to dedicate a post to updating you on what is new and/or restocked in my "Colletta's Kitchen Sink" etsy shop.

Since the Grand Opening I have added a few new items and a few items that were in my old store.

~I finally got the Potholder Kitchen Towel Combos listed.  They can be found under the "Kitchen Accessories" section.  As a reminder here is the "Grapes and Tuscany set.

~I also got what I had remaining of my totes listed.  They can be found under the "Totes and Bags" section.

Kaylee Tote ~ Dreamcicle Floral

Kaylee Tote ~ Blue, Pink and Green Hawaii

Laken Tote ~ Psychadelic Floral

Stephanie Tote ~ Summertime

~ Next I have a few Pods and Hat that I restocked.  These two colors are very popular.  They can be found in the "Baby Pods/Cocoons/Hats" section of my shop.

"Ocean" Pod

"Parfait" Pod

"Parfait" Newborn Hat

~ And last but not least are two new items.  Each is a set of a "Baby Recieving Blanket and Two Burp Cloths".  They can be found in the "Quilts and Quilt Tops" section.

"Sweet Birdie"

"In the Jungle"

I've been working on two new products this week as well as keeping my shop restocked.  I have some fun, crafty ideas floating all around my head that will just have to get in line.

I'm also really excited about a new "partnership", if you will, that I will tell you more about later.

So far I am LOVING etsy!  I also LOVE all my blog readers and customers!  I'm just in a LOVING mood, I guess.

Thanks so much!

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