Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GRAND OPENING and Wednesday's Shop Feature


Today I would like to feature:

First to keep the style of aprons separate in my head, I've named them.

The "Ginny Apron" is named after my mom and is the full apron with accents and ruffles.

The "Sarah Apron" is a full, straight apron named after my great-grandmother.  (This is what she always wore.)

The "Kristie Apron" is a half-apron named after a dear, sweet, Christian Sister who encouraged me to give half-aprons a try.

The "Manly Apron" is named after my husband but the "Doug Apron" just didn't have a ring to it.  The "Manly Apron" is a straight apron in manly colors and themes.

Some of the "Ginny" aprons you have already seen.  Such as:

-So Very Cherry
-Daisies on Blue
-Shamrocks and Argyle
-Shamrocks and Ladybugs

I have a new one to show you also.

"Pink and Brown Floral Glam"

I've only made one "Kristie" apron so far:

"Teal & Pink Floral w/ Pink Accents"

And here are my "Manly" aprons I've made so far:


"Camoflauge with Turkey Scene Pocket"

You can click on any of the pictures to go directly to that listing, or click HERE to see all the aprons currently in my shop.

Don't forget that for the duration of my Grand Opening, I am giving my blog readers 10% off all items in my shop!

When you check out, use coupon code:  GRANDOPENING


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  1. Lettie!! I was eating a piece of string cheese and nearly choked when I saw the Kristie apron...LOL!

    How sweet you are!!!

    They are all very adorable.


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