Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Apron with Ruffle

I was looking for some fall/Thanksgiving fabric to make an apron with I found this pumkin/leaf/acorn fabric.  I fell in love the minute I saw it.

I had fun putting this apron together.  I love how the green accents really set off the pattern on the fabric.  (wouldn't it be nice to be shaped this this dress form?)

I made two of these aprons.  They are basically the same, but the second time around I tweaked some of the techniques.



  1. Great fabric and the apron is just adorable. Hugs, Marty

  2. Real sweet looking apron. I plan to get some aprons sewn soon (I hope at least)
    So many things in daily life can get in the way or need done first and sometimes things like sewing just get pushed off.
    Thanks for sharing the apron it is lovely.

  3. Wonderful apron. Great choice of fabric, very festive. I really need to get an apron made...this gives me just the inspiration I need. Thx!

    Found you from Mommas Kinda Crafty. Come check out LBT when you get a chance. Thx!


  4. What a cute apron! Love the fabric too! Thanks for linking with Fantabulous Friday!


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