Monday, November 8, 2010

Movie Review: Growing the Big One

Growing the Big One


Year:  2010
Rated:  PG
Run Time:  89 minutes

After inheriting her family's farm, Emma Silver (Shannen Doherty) leaves her comfortable life to try to save the debt-ridden homestead from foreclosure. Desperate for money, Emma enters a pumpkin-growing contest but winds up winning something far more important. As she struggles with her new surroundings, Emma finds herself attracted to her partner in the contest and learns to appreciate the old-fashioned values of farm life.

Cast:  Shannen Doherty, Stephanie Belding, Kavan Smith, April Telek, Aaron Pearl, Keith MacKechnie, Krista Mitchell

Director:  Mark Griffiths

Genres:  Romance, Romantic Dramas, Made-for-TV Movies

This movie is:  Romantic

My Thoughts:
We watched this movie on the Hallmark Channel. 

It was Saturday evening after a long afternoon of Trick-Or-Treatin and we were all crashed on the couches and chairs.  The pumpkin theme seemed to fit the day perfectly.

My husband grudgingly watched it but I could tell he was getting into it after a while.

It was fun to watch the process of growing the pumpkin and also the process of Emma becoming a country girl.  It was hilarious what they went through to try to find out their competitors secrets.

One of the best parts was the weigh-in.  I couldn't help but chuckle when one pumpkin split and the grower was trying to hold the pumpkin's insides from spilling all over the place!

I enjoy a good Hallmark movie and this one ranked pretty high for light-hearted enjoyment.


  1. I watched it too! I love the Hallmark channels! I did not know pumpkins could grow that big, but my daughter saw a real one that actually weighed 900+ pounds! WOW!


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