Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Review: "Rematch" by Erynn Mangum

Book 2 of "The Lauren Holbrook Series"

Product Description (from Amazon):
With two matches under her belt, Lauren's ready to get back to work. Lucky for her, her job at The Brandon Knox Photography Studio makes it even easier to work her magic on her best friend and boss, Brandon, and the adorable receptionist, Hannah. And since she's at Shawn's cafe every day anyway (a girl's gotta feed her caffeine and chocolate addictions, doesn't she?), why not look for his perfect match as well?
But with all her love-connection luck, Lauren's thrown for a loop when her dad announces that he's heading out of town for a singles retreat. But in the midst of panicking about her dad and potential future stepmom, there's also the matter of Ryan--love interest or friend? Only time, vats of coffee, and pounds of chocolate will tell

My overall feeling of the book:
I loved this, the second book in the series, even more than the first. It was so fun to read

My Favorite Character:
My favorite character was Lauren. She is so fun and real. I would like to be her friend.

My Favorite Scene:
My favorite scene was the secret spy operation to find out where Brandon was taking Hannah on their date. They had code names and everything. Hilarious

It Would Have Been Better If:
It would have been better if Ryan and Lauren would just kiss already

I would recommend this book to:
Coffee lovers, chocolate lovers, photographers, matchmakers, girls whose best friend is a guy, those who have hypochondriac parents, aunts, sisters, EVERYONE

9/10. Fantastic, couldn’t put it down.

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