Monday, February 1, 2010

Book Review: "Fit To Be Tied" by Robin Lee Hatcher

Book 2 in "The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs" Series

Product Description (from Amazon):
It’s 1916, and Idaho rancher Cleo Arlington knows everything about horses but nothing about men. So when charged with transforming English aristocrat Sherwood Statham from playboy into cowboy, she’s totally disconcerted. So is Statham, who’s never encountered a woman succeeding in a man’s world. Their bumpy trot into romance is frustrating, exhilarating, and ultimately heartwarming.

My overall feeling of the book:
I loved the character’s and the storyline of this book. I’ve always enjoyed books set in England and books set in the West. Combine those two and I would call it awesome

My Favorite Character:
My favorite character was Cleo. She was so strong physically and strong spiritually, completely dependant on God. She was willing to go wherever God’s plan for her life sent her even though she loved her ranch.

My Favorite Scene:
My favorite scene was the first kiss. These two characters were so completely opposite that it made the first kiss all the sweeter.

It Would Have Been Better If:
If Woody’s father had been more accepting. I hope to hear more about him in the next book of the series.

I Would Recommend This Book To:
Horse lover’s, ranchers and farmers, tomboys, twins, those who are waiting for God to send them their mate, all Robin Lee Hatcher fans.

9/10. Fantastic, couldn’t put it down.

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