Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Review: "LFY in Miracle, Kentucky" by Andrea Boeshaar

Product Description (from Amazon):
Anything can happen when you live in Miracle After her life in Chicago falls apart, Meg Jorgenson arrives in the small town of Miracle, Kentucky, with plans to start over. She moves in with a grandmother she barely knows and takes a teaching position at the local elementary school. Meg soon garners the interest of Miracles eligible bachelors, but its eight-year-old Cammy Bayer who instantly wins her heart. Cammy has spent most of her young life in a wheelchair, but she firmly believes that God will miraculously allow her to walk again someday. Although Meg admires the girls optimism, she pities Cammy for believing something so impossible. Vance Bayer has always made Cammy his first priority. Though delighted by the attention his daughter receives from her pretty new teacher, the shy widower is embarrassed by Cammys not-so-subtle attempts to play matchmaker. Both Meg and Vance want the best for Cammy, but will they see eye-to-eye when it comes to an experimental surgery that might grant Cammy the use of her legs? Will they open their minds to the miracle of healing and their hearts to the miracle of love?

My overall feeling of the book:
This was my first “Love Finds You” read and I wasn’t disappointed. I read it in a day during a power outage due to the snow. I couldn’t wait to find out how things played out.

My Favorite Character:
I loved Grams. She reminded me so much of my grandmother trying to keep everyone in touch and basically being the matriarch of the family. I really miss her

My Favorite Scene:
My favorite scene was the bonfire scene. You’ll just have to read it to find out the details. Sorry

It Would Have Been Better If:
That creep, Kent, had been a gentleman and kept his hands and attentions to himself.

I would recommend this book to:
Children of broken families, grade-school teachers, those who are around disabled children, small-engine repair-people, those who have been given a second chance in life, small town dwellers and those who wish they were small town dwellers.

9/10. Fantastic, couldn’t put it down.

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