Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chair Aerobics with the Ladies

Our First Place 4 Health group at church is made up of ladies of all ages and health levels. Some have knee problems, some have back problems, etc.

We were talking about our exercise routines and I mentioned seeing exercise dvd's that you sit to do.

The ladies decided that they would like to have an "exercise night". The next day I went Amazon and ordered a dvd.

So, on Thursdays at 7pm we are meeting in the church social hall to exercise to "Chair Aerobics".

Tonight was our first exercise night and I gotta say that it is quite a workout. It was also a lot of fun! We laughed and laughed at ourselves.

Some of the ladies couldn't do everything and had to modify certain moves or follow the "easy demonstration lady". As I told everyone, any movement is better than none at all.

Hopefully, they will all come back next Thursday. I'll let you know!


  1. I have one of those types of videos and they are a workout as you keep going! I haven't done mine for a while; maybe it's time to dig it out! Being obese is a viscious cycle, but this type of exercise was a good start for me!

  2. my local fitness center has a class for seniors that is all done in a chair too - they seem to love it as there is always a large group there.


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