Friday, January 8, 2010

100 Mile Challenge Progress Report Week 1

Well, it's time for the first weekly Progress Report. Click on the picture above to go see how everyone else is doing.

So far I've gotten on the treadmill everyday in 2010. I've been doing 1 mile and then cool-down which ends up being about 1.1 miles but that only counts for 1 mile in the challenge.

I can tell that it's getting easier and I've been pushing a little harder and a little faster each day. Last night I got up to the fastest that I've gone since I've started back and burned the most calories so far.

It amazes me that some of the other participants have logged 24 miles in this week. Maybe, someday, that will be me . For now, I'll be proud of the 7 miles.

1/1/10- 1 mile
1/2/10- 1 mile
1/3/10- 1 mile
1/4/10- 1 mile
1/5/10- 1 mile
1/6/10- 1 mile
1/7/10- 1 mile

Weekly total: 7 miles
Running Total: 7 miles

Only 93 more miles to go...

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