Saturday, August 18, 2012

High Five Fragments and Favorites

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(I didn't get to post my highlights yesterday.  I was in an anesthesia induced fog.  But this is one feature I make sure to do every week.  It helps me focus on the good :)

5 Highlights from the past week:


1. I've reached 600 followers!  Can you believe it?!?  It took me 3 years to reach the 300 mark and 3 months to gain another 300 to make the 600 mark!  Too, too exciting!


2.  This one may be TMI for some but it was very good news for me.  I had an internal ultrasound Monday and it showed NOTHING!!!!   No fibroids, no cysts, everything looked normal.  (TMI, other than my uterine lining being thickened.  Hence the anesthesia yesterday for a D&C that they weren't able to do.  Boooo!)

3. I finished making the new curtains for the Kitchen, Dining Room and Sewing Room!  The Family Room is clean and painted.  The Hall bathroom is a new pretty pink with new accents, and Laken's Room is clean (for now).  A pretty heavy dent has been made in the "Clean and Purge" campaign.

4. Kaylee's devotional book finally came and she has been carrying it everywhere around the house.  She has been doing lessons and the book is filled with drawings that she loves.


5. I saved the "funniest" for last.  For family movie night, we got "Jack and Jill" from the Redbox.  It was HILARIOUS!!!!!  Adam Sandler has come a long way.  Please take the time to watch this trailer if you haven't seen the movie yet :)


I look forward to reading everyone's highlights from the week!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wahoo 600 followers how exciting.but I am not your blog. Adam is a hoot and we loved this movie.
    I celebrated my one year blogovesary and have a huge giveaway. My first Tips and Tricks Blogger help was a smashing success and I am going to make it a monthly feature.
    My youngest started her senior year of high school :(


  2. "Anesthesia induced fog" Hehehehe

    I've been blogging since 2006 and I still don't even have 300 followers!

  3. Oh my, I needed that laugh. We'll be watching this one soon. My husband wanted to know why I was laughing.

    Congrats on your 600 followers. And you're really making progress in "clean and purge." Doesn't it just make you feel lighter?


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