Monday, August 13, 2012

A Musing ~ Snacking ~ 8/13/12

Each week Miz B at Should Be Reading asks a bookish question to muse over.

This week's musing question courtesy of ME!!!!!!  So exciting:

"Do you snack while you read? If so, what is your favorite reading snack?"

I try not to snack while reading but when I do my go-to's would be:

-Cheese stick and crackers
-Chocolate Chips
-A cereral bowl of chips

But mostly I always HAVE to at least have a drink.  That helps me not to snack and also not to bite at my nails.  Now that is something I have a problem with when reading!

Favorite drinks:  Ovaltine, hot tea, Crystal Lite, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper.

Musing along,


  1. Ok, I did not count a drink..I do like to read with a beverage nearby.

  2. Yeah, I have to have a drink nearby :)

  3. I always have water somewhere near me. Here's my Musing

  4. I have a drink handy but I'm not much of a snacker when I read. Mostly because I get into the zone when I read and forget everything else.


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