Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Blogging Challenge ~ Binge Watching TV ~ 3/31/2021

This week's topic is:  

TV Shows I Binge Watch(ed):

The hubby was on second shift last week so I did a lot of binge watching my favorite TV shows that had begun piling up in the DVR.  Here are a few of my favorites :

Prodigal Son!

This is probably my favorite show!  It is in its second season and I haven't missed a single episode.  Technically I don't really binge watch this show because I watch it soon after it airs.  Best show ever!


This show I ended up binge watching about 4 episodes in a row to get caught up.  The original NCIS (the one I'm talking about) is my favorite.  I've tried to get caught up in the other NCIS spinoffs but Mark Harmon remains my favorite :)


I think this is the second season for FBI.  Maybe the third...  I had around 6-7 episodes to watch.  It took me two evenings to get caught up.  I love Maggie and OA's characters as well as Jubal and the JOC.  Love this show :)

FBI:  Most Wanted

This show is a spin-off "FBI".  I still have a few episodes to catch up on.  I like "Most Wanted" but I like the original a tad more...

A few more:

There are a few new shows that we have DVR'd but haven't started yet.  They are "Clarice", "Debris" and "The Equalizer".

So, what are some TV shows that you binge watch(ed)?  



  1. The only one of these I've seen is NCIS. I love Mark Harmon.

    We only have Amazon Prime and Netflix and we're currently watching Hearthland. Great show.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. I hope all of the new shows that you've DVR'd turn out to be awesome ones!

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  3. I haven't see FBI (or the spinoff) yet, but will have to check it out. I loved NCIS... need to watch those again.

  4. Still watch Jethro and McGee and every so often we go back and watch the first years. Still miss Abby.

  5. Prodigal Son is one of the best shows on TV right now. And I love NCIS!

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  6. I've been thinking about watching FBI... might do that now.

    I've watched both "Clarisse" and "The Equalizer". Clarisse isn't really as good as I'd's mostly just another procedural with a little "special" backstory. I've been enjoying The Equalizer quite a lot. The characters are great and it's fun AND serious. I'm definitely hooked on that one. I've been watchin NCIS since it started via JAG. Good choices! I'm here today if you'd like to stop by:

  7. I haven't watched any of those, but I'll have to check them out.

  8. Prodigal Son -- that's a great title. I am going to hunt this one down for sure. Thanks for the Wednesday Weekly recs!
    ~ Lex (

  9. I've heard good things about Clarice and The Equalizer (the new one, I mean -- I used to watch the old one with my mom, back in the day). Good choices.


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