Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Blogging Challenge ~ Best Non-Book Gifts for Readers ~ 3/10/2021

This week's topic is:  

Best Non-Book Gifts for Readers:

I think the answer to this question depends mostly on the reader in question.  So, I'm going to answer this question as if it pertained to me :)


(Because I don't like coffee!  Yuck!)  I especially love Vanilla Chai Tea.  I also enjoy a tried and true Orange Pekoe :)


Along with my love of books comes a love of all things paper :)  Whether it be cards, note books or a plain old ream of computer paper, I don't care.  I just love me some stationary!


Pens kind of go with stationary but I count them as a completely different item.  I love a good pen that writes smoothly and dries quickly.  There's nothing worse than a smeary pen!


There is no better gift than the gift of time.  Just spend time with me.  We can have a cup of that tea I was talking about and chat about the weather.  We can go for a walk and talk about how much weight we need to lose.  Or we can just sit together and watch an episode of Prodigal Son.  Time is precious :)

So, would you say is the best non-book gift for readers?  



  1. Tea was on my list, too!

    And time is another great answer.

    My post:

  2. Paper products and pens are a great idea. I always have journals and fun-colored gel pens on my gift lists.

  3. So funny ... so many people suggested tea. Are all bookish folks also tea drinkers? I feel like we should have a poll :-)

  4. Tea and time! And yes, I think an awful lot of readers are also tea-drinkers.

    My list is here.

  5. I am a total pen hog. I love pens and love when I find one that writes just right. So yes. I agree!

  6. I do like a good pen. I run mine into the ground.

  7. I love coffee but I also adore herbal tea especially ones with cinnamon or ginger in them. Yes to stationery too!

  8. Pens and time. They're great ones!


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