Thursday, February 27, 2020

Movie Reviews ~ Midway and Hacksaw Ridge

This past weekend was a WWII movie weekend.

We started off by watching "Midway" on Friday night and then on Saturday we watched "Hacksaw Ridge".

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We saw the preview for "Midway" while getting ready to watch a movie a few weekends ago.  When I saw it in the Redbox, I snagged it up as the hubby and I both thought it looked interesting.  I didn't know much about the Battle of Midway.  Of course, I'm familiar with Pearl Harbor and how the United States got involved in WWII but Midway was new territory for me.

The movie was great!  I love history so it especially appealed to me.  The hubby was a bit bored in some parts but I thought the whole movie was interesting, even the low key scenes that were setting up for bigger scenes.  I especially liked the whole concept of the decoders.

The movie was realistic and graphic in a "war movie" sense.  Please use caution with younger children.

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"Hacksaw Ridge" is an older movie that we realized we had never sat down and watched.  I knew that it had gotten a lot of awards but, man, it was amazing!

The story of Desmond Doss was so very interesting.  I loved the movie from start to finish.  It had to be absolutely horrific to go through what our Military goes through each and every day to keep us safe and free.

Again, this movie was VERY realistic and was very bloody.  We didn't allow our 13 year old to watch it with us as I knew it would be upsetting to her.  Use caution.

Watching these movies pretty much back-to-back was a very eye-opening experience.  We didn't intend to have a WWII themed weekend but it was well worth the time.

Have you seen either of the movies?  What did you think of them?



  1. Great reviews! I'm not a big fan of history, but my hubby more than makes up for it. He even builds and flies WWII-era RC aircraft. Putting Midway on our 'to-watch' list. (*smile*)

    1. I love history! Impressive that your hubby flies! Definitely put the movie on your "list" :)


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