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Wednesday Medley ~ 6/12/19

Come join Terri @ Your Friend From Florida every Wednesday.  She comes up with the questions and we answer them ;)

National Making Life Beautiful Day is observed annually on June 11.  It is a day dedicated to encouraging and celebrating men and women who are making life beautiful.  Whether you’re creating beauty through building relationships or helping others achieve personal success, one small action can lead to a ripple effect, making life beautiful not just for yourself, but for those around you, too.
Help someone you know to achieve a personal goal, donate time to a worthy cause, help someone less fortunate or just do something nice for someone.  On social media, use #MakingLifeBeautifulDay

1.  Tell us about a time you made someone's life beautiful or someone made YOUR life beautiful.
It is hard to give myself credit for making someone's life beautiful but I can think of so many people who have made my life beautiful.  For instance, yesterday I dropped Laken off at cheer camp and walked her in the building.  The part that made my life beautiful was when she kissed my cheek goodbye in front of all the other cheerleaders without blinking an eye.  Love my girls :)


June 15th is the day we observe National Smile Power Day.  This is a day for everyone to share the power of the smile.
From the good morning greeting and the first “How may I help you?” present yourself with a smile.  No matter where you are employed, job seeking, retired or looking for new horizons starting the day with a smile is certainly more empowering than a pout or grump.  Starting with a smile first is easier than trying to get there later in the day. 
When you smile at someone, you are telling them that they are valued and worth the smile that you just gave them.  Smiles are moral boosters and confidence builders.
Research has proven that smiling really does increase attractiveness and likability between humans.  Smiling creates a greater trust and increased interpersonal cooperation.  Smiling at someone can help them to relax and relieve their stress while at the same time, it will make you feel right.  Smiling (even if you do not feel like it) will lift your mood and can make you a  happier person.
Challenge yourself to smile more often today.  Use a smile to disarm a tense situation, or simply smile during your daily tasks.  Use #SmilePowerDay on social media.

2.  Will you take on the challenge and smile more often on June 15th?  Why not start now!!  Have you been blessed by a smile that changed your day?
June 15th is when we are celebrating Kaylee's 18th Birthday (her actual birthday is the 13th).  We're having a big party for her so I'm sure I'll be smiling lots.
I'm always blessed when my hubby looks me in the eyes and smiles with me at something we both find humorous :)


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~ Edith Wharton
Sometimes it takes just one gentle word or small token to help overcome darkness. On June 13, National Random Acts of Light Day encourages us to bring light to the darkness of cancer by surprising someone with an act of kindness.
Receiving the diagnosis of cancer is one of the darkest moments a person can have. As part of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walks fundraising campaign, National Random Acts of Light brings awareness to the importance of providing cures and access to treatments for blood cancer patients.
Take a friend fishing or bring them their favorite cup of coffee. Sometimes a visit, a walk or a fresh bouquet of flowers is what brings the light into the room. Surprise someone you love, by bringing a sparkle to their day.
Share your Random Acts of Light on June 13, and throughout the year! Learn more about The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s National Random Acts of Light Day, Light the Night Walks and other campaigns and follow them on FacebookTwitter or Instagram Use #RandomActsofLightDay to share on social media.
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ®(LLS) founded National Random Acts of Light Day to bring shine a light on the need for research and a cure for blood cancers.  In 2017, celebrities and local heroes surprised people affected by blood cancers as part of Random Acts of Light.
About The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. The LLS mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. LLS funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world, provides free information and support services, and is the voice for all blood cancer patients seeking access to quality, affordable, coordinated care.
The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Random Acts of Light Day to be observed annually beginning in 2017.

3.  Terri is a cancer survivor.  Cancer has touched most of us in one way or another.  When did someone reach out to you with an act of kindness or when did you last perform a random act of kindness for someone?

I was just reading in a book the other day that random acts of kindness was a "fad" that has dwindled down to a trickle.  That made me sad. I'd like to think that RAK's are alive and well.  On a side note, my family is working on trying to be kind to one another.  I've been saying a reminding "Kindness" very often these days.


National Loving Day is observed each year on June 12.   National Loving Day is an annual celebration that commemorates the anniversary of the 1967 United States Supreme Court decision Loving vs. Virginia.  This decision struck down all anti-miscegenation laws remaining in sixteen U.S. states citing “There can be no doubt that restricting the freedom to marry solely because of racial classifications violates the central meaning of the equal protection clause.”  Anti-miscegenation laws in the United States were U.S. state laws banning interracial marriage.
Childhood friends, Mildred and Richard, met when she was 11, and he was 17.  Over the years they began courting and in 1958 when she turned 18, they married in Washington.  They returned to their hometown north of Richmond and two weeks later, not realizing that interracial marriage was illegal, they were arrested.  Mildred and Richard Loving pleaded guilty and to avoid jail time; they agreed to leave Virginia.
The Loving’s moved to Washington D.C. and started legal action writing to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.  Kennedy referred the case on to the American Civil Liberties Union.  The Warren Court unanimously ruled in their favor, and the Loving’s returned to their Virginia home where they resided with their three children.
Use #NationalLovingDay to post on social media.
National Loving Day is not yet an officially recognized holiday by the U.S. government. However, there is a movement to persuade the government to do so.  This day was inspired by Juneteenth and seeks both to commemorate and celebrate the Supreme Courts 1967 ruling, keeping its importance fresh in the minds of a generation which has grown up with interracial relationships being legal as well as explore issues facing couples currently in interracial relationships. 
4.  Terri admits that this turned out to be not what she thought it would be.  Our country has come a long way in recognizing that people are people and our differences are what makes life beautiful, but we still have a long way to go, unfortunately.  Your thoughts?

I think we should all be more "Loving".

Each June 13 honors those who would like to cook and be in the kitchen, but it just doesn’t seem to work well for them.  After all, it is National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day.
Klutz:  most commonly referred to as a clumsy person.
These are the people who set out with the intentions of Paula Dean or Julia Child as the open up the cookbook.  Setting out the mixing bowl and ingredients, they imagine knife cuts as swift as Wolfgang Puck or Bobby Flay.  However, reality quickly dissolves all those dreams as smoke billows from the oven and salt is mistaken for sugar.  Those knife cuts become bloody, and cookies and fingers are burnt.  The Kitchen Klutz has struck, and visions of spilled milk are pitifully cried over.  
It may be necessary to keep a first aid kit and fire extinguisher handy when Kitchen Klutzes are around.  Be ready to call 911 and your favorite take out if you’re still hungry.
Use #NationalKitchenKlutzes to post on social media.
5.  Had to lighten it up a bit.  Terri is a total klutz in the kitchen.  Tell us about something klutzy that happened in your kitchen... by you or another!  Can you laugh about it now?
I love to bake!  However, I'm a very messy baker and flour ends up everywhere.  Except....The last time I was making an Oatmeal Cake, I forgot to put the flour in the batter.  Major fail!
6.  Share something about your week so far, if you would.

Busy, Busy, Busy week!  Softball, Cheer and Party planning/prepping have kept me very busy the past few weeks.  I'm so glad to have been able to participate in Wednesday Medley this week :)

P.S.  I hope you can stop by my ETSY SHOP!


  1. Have fun planning the birthday party and Happy birthday to Kaylee!!! Loved your answers! Have a nice week!

  2. In this age of get all you can for yourself, kindness is often overlooked. I think it's wonderful that your family is stressing how important it is to BE KIND.

  3. I'm glad you could participate in the Medley too! Thanks for joining in. I enjoyed your answers. Kindness is contagious... we just need to get enough of it out there!!


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