Thursday, October 26, 2017

Book Review ~ LFYI Pendleton Oregon by Melody Carlson ~ 10/26/17

Native American beauty Sunny Westcott is not one to let her hair down. But her friend Aubrey manages to drag her to Pendleton, Oregon, and the pair arrives just as the hundredth annual Pendleton Round-Up begins. Sunny is surprised by how much she enjoys watching the rodeo, riding horseback, and getting to know Aubrey's family--particularly a handsome cowboy named Cody.
Pendleton is also home to the Umatilla reservation where Sunny's ancestors once lived, and the trip gives her the chance to do some digging into her family's history--a topic she knows next to nothing about. But will Sunny like what she finds? And how will skeletons from the past compete with the current drama unfolding in Cody's own family? 

My Thoughts:
I, in general, have loved the LOVE FINDS YOU IN series because with each one, I learn so much about history, cultures and different places that I'll probably never see.
This book had all that.
But...the romance left a lot to be desired.
Seven-eighths of the book was about Sunny learning about her heritage, which was great.  However, the romance was VERY rushed.
We're talking about Sunny and Cody spending one afternoon together, if that and then all of a sudden they are in love!  A bit unrealistic for me.
So, great story for the history and culture but not so much in the romance department.

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