Monday, April 27, 2015

Make it Monday ~ Stained Glass Granny Complete ~ 4/27/15

Last week, this was the progress I had made on my Stained Glass Granny.

 First, I finished all 35 granny squares.
Next, I crocheted all the squares together.  This took me a while.  It is a tedious process that I don't really mind, but I was still sore from surgery so I had to take a couple breaks after wrestling with the strips of squares.
After I got them all crocheted together, I added border rows, alternating between color and black.  I finished it off with a black scalloped edging. 
And...Stained Glass Granny is COMPLETE!!!
So, what do you think of my Stained Glass Granny?  Have you made one similar?
Now, on to my next project.  I think I'll call it "Sunny Blue Hawaii".  More on that later...
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  1. This is so pretty. Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend? Have a wonderful week.


  2. The colors and patterns are gorgeous. I always wanted to learn to do this. I tried when I was little but had no patience. This is beautiful and you did such nice work.

    1. I find it very relaxing and creative. You should give it another try!

  3. You did a beautiful job! :)

  4. Beautiful. I have a 1/2 finished block-of-the-month afghan that I ought to get busy working on. They are so lovely when completed.

  5. I love that stained-glass look. My aunt makes beautiful stained-glass quilts out of denim from blue jeans, and the effect really is striking. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love your Stained Glass Granny, the colours are wonderfully vibrant :)

  7. Awesome! I love the diamond shape of the little holes, where the light, or background comes through. It adds to the whole afghan. :-D

  8. What a fantastic afghan! It came out beautifully :) Thank you for sharing your wonderful accomplishment on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)

  9. This is so pretty, I love all the colors! Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend?!

  10. The idea of making a Stained Glass inspired granny is just a lovely idea! It came out just beautifully.
    I would love if you shared this at our Yarn Fanatic Linky Party -

  11. Very striking blanket and I love the border you've done too, works really well with the design

  12. I love these colorful squares! I really like stained glass crochet items, and this blanket is super cute!


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