Monday, June 10, 2013

Listicles ~ Beauty Products ~ 6/10/13

"10 Favorite Beauty Products/Tools"

1.  A good hydrating shampoo/conditioner for my curly hair.

2.  Yummy smelling body wash.

3.  Eyeliner

4.  Blush

5.  Leave-in conditioner

6.  Q-Tips!

7.  Fun nail polish colors

8.  Tinted Lip Gloss  (also has to taste good)

9.  Yummy smelling body spray!

10.  Really good deodorant/antiperspirant


Happy Monday!


  1. Yes good deodorant is a must...I don't want to have sweat stains in my pits, LOL I have tried body spray, but nothing stays on me :( Happy Monday

  2. There is a mom in my town that made her own line of beauty products. I got her body spray as a gift and it smells lovely. I think it's called utopya. I think a blusher is number one face item to use!

  3. I like your products - nice and simple, but fun! :)

  4. Ohhh...yes yummy smelling body wash is a plus! It's always nice to have lost of options, especially during Pacific NW winters, a hit of coconut or vanilla is a nice mood lifter. And you are so right, really good deodorant is a must! Instead of body spray I use essential oils or perfume, like jasmine or lavender and it seems to go ok.... :) Your list is awesome!!


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