Monday, June 17, 2013

Listicle ~ Cancelled TV Shows ~ 6/17/13

"10 TV Shows that Got Cancelled Too Soon"


2.  The Closer

3.  JAG

4.  Lie to Me (Loved this show!)

5.  McLeod's Daughters

6.  Magnum PI :(

7.  X-Files

8.  Providence

9.  Nashville Star

10.  ?????

Can you help me think of a 10th?  Leave a comment with your top cancelled show.


Happy Monday!


  1. I 100% agree with you on JAG!

  2. I LOVED The Closer. Do you know the story behind why it ended? Kera Segwick never expected it to go on that long. She is married to Kevin Bacon who put his career on hold and stayed home with their kids while she did the show. I hate to see the show end. I didn't have TNT anymore anyway but my mom saved the episodes for me so I caught up when I went to go visit. She said she and daddy couldn't get into the sequel. Oh and I LOVED Magnum. Do you watch Blue Bloods? That would give your Tom Selleck fix if that's who you miss.


  3. Stopping by from Monday Listicles.

    So sad about Lie to Me.

  4. So on board with Magnum and The X Files, but they both had a good run!

  5. Loved the Closer, Kyra Sedgwich is awesome

  6. I absolutely love Friends. That is a show that could have gone for years longer :)

    I would have to say that I think that Ugly Betty was a show that was cancelled way to early! I loved that show :)



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