Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TAH ~ 1 Week Post-Op

Good afternoon, dearies.

I am now (well, as of yesterday) 1 week post-op from my Total Abdominal Hysterectomy (TAH).  It has been a crazy mixture of time going very slowly and yet very fast that may be due to the very limited amount of activities I can do.

Let's see.  I can sit.  But not for too long!  I can lay down.  But only on my back and again not for too long!  I can walk gently through my house.  But no steps!  I can carry a few dishes to the sink.  But not load the dishwasher! 

So what have I been doing to occupy my time?  I've been reading a bit.  Surprise, surprise.  I've been watching TV and movies.  I've crocheted a bit.  I've napped.  I've stared aimlessly at my bedroom ceiling and walls.  I've dreamed of being able to drive the girls to school and pick them up.  Speaking of dreams, I've had some CRAZY ones!

Actually, it really hasn't been too bad overall.  At least once my bodily functions started functioning once again.  The first couple days were the worst.  I was prepared for that after surviving 2 c-sections.

After the soreness started to abate, the irritation of the staples at my incision started to increase.  Thankfully, I had a follow-up with my GYNO this morning and he removed the staples.  It feels so much better now.  And I should be able to sleep on my side now that the staples won't be pulling!  Yay!

As for my emotions, they've been a bit of a roller coaster.  It mostly depends on my pain level, exhaustion and boredom/loneliness.  My family has been a great support and a great distraction.  Only on rare occasions have they added to the stress.  (We won't discuss this morning getting ready for school.)

So, week one is on the charts.  1 more week until I can start walking more.  2 more weeks until my next incision check.  3 more weeks until I can drive.  5 more weeks until I can exercise, lift objects heavier than 10 pounds, be "intimate" with the hubby, sweep and mop the floor etc.

I was pleasantly surprised that my doctor had already received my pathology reports.  Everything was clear!  What a relief!

Now, I can just let myself heal, recuperate, gain strength and look forward to a full recovery.

Uterlessly yours,

P.S.  I wanted to let everyone know about a wonderful site that I've been using as a resource and for support on this journey.  Check it out :)


  1. Glad you are on the mend! I sometimes wish I could be on bed rest, but I'm sure I'd go stir crazy like you are! And I don't wanna have to have surgery or anything to get ordered to rest. I just want the dr. to tell me to stay inactive lol. Hope your recovery continues to be speedy and that your emotions even out. Take care!

  2. OMYGOSH .. my friend.. I'm trying to catch up on blog visits/reading posts and WOW!!! I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy and full recovery!! Please don't rush your healing time ... take it easy (I know it's hard to at times) ...
    Sending hugs and blessings, xo HHL

  3. Thankful to read you are moving right along in the healing department! Hystersisters is a wonderful site and I basically lived on it for the first few weeks. It was so helpful! Continuing in prayer for a complete and uneventful recovery!

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