Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 4/15/12

Scavenger Hunt Sunday is hosted by

This weeks items are: 

Simple, Grain, Transportation, Stitch, Bubble(s)


Pretty simple, right?  I thought so.  Although, my 2 does sort of look like a Z :)  hehe


With grain, my mind went to fields of wheat ready to harvest.  But, alas, I don't have any of those.  So I made due with some "Whole Grain Oatmeal".  I mostly use Oatmeal for desserts and goodies so to me:  Yummy!


We don't get to travel very much other than our once-a-year vacation.  So the rest of the year, I use books to transport me anywhere from the Grand Canyon to Africa.  Where ever I want to go, a good book can take me there.

I'm a SAHM.  (Stay-at-home-mom, for those who don't know).  To make some money to help out with household needs and also for fun activities, I have an Etsy shop.  You can see the button for my shop at the top right of my sidebar.  Most of my items are crochet and sewn.  So, I see lots and lots of stitches each and every day.  But they are enjoyable stitches :)

As you may know, we have two daughters.  One of them is 5 years old.  To get her anywhere NEAR the tub and a bath, Princess Bubbles are a must.  Every once in a whie, the bubbles might be Hello Kitty.  But always bubbles there must be!

Again, I had so much fun finding these items and deciding on just what I wanted to use.
If you want to join along, here are the items for next week:

1.  Yellow
2.  Something that makes/made you smile
3.  Ancient or Antique
4.  Splash
5.  In the Sun

Have a Blessed Sunday!


  1. These are great takes on the prompts! I love oatmeal and reading as well. Books do transport the reader to such marvelous places and times.

  2. Very creative interpretation of the transportation prompt! Nice shots!

  3. Love all your thoughts on the prompts in photos especially transportation! I agree books can take you anywhere!
    Linda @ Viewing My World

  4. Great takes on this week's prompts. Bubbles were always a must when my boys' were little too!

  5. I love that book collection, and great that you homeschool and still have time to knit/crotchet. You have to be incredibly busy.

  6. Love your transportation, one of my favorites ways of travelling.

  7. I absolutely love and agree with your Transportation photo, but then I'm a librarian! :)

  8. I love the unique way you interpreted the prompts!! My favorite is the transportation! Lots of good reading there!! Your stitching looks beautiful!


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