Monday, March 26, 2012

Misc. Finds Monday ~ 3/26/12

I decided to start something new here on my little ol' blog.  Through the week, I'm going to keep track of some of my favorite posts I've seen in blogland and then feature them.

I'm doing this for me and you :)  You'll get to see lots of great stuff and I'll be able to reference the posts for future use instead of trying to print everything off and then lose track of those pages.  It will all be right here :)

So here goes!


1.  Gooseberry Patch has released a new cookbook called "Simple Shortcut Recipes".  I think that sounds awesome!  You can go over to Mommy's Kitchen to enter to win a copy!  That's even awesomer!


2.  Over at SAHM of Etsy they featured this yummy looking "Cinnamon Chip Coffee Cake".  Defitely going on the "to-try" list for me!  Whatta you think?


3.  When I saw the title of this next featured post I thought "This is going to be good and settled in to read, be entertained and learn a few things.  "10 Things a Husband Needs to Know About His Wife" by Jazmine @ Above Rubies.  What would you put on that list?


4.  This next idea by Ashley at Lil Blue Boo is so neat.  Man, why didn't I think of this????  She recently sent out 10 Journals to travel the world.  How cool is that.  I'm going to be watching this project with interest.


5.  Heather @ Just Lovely Things is co-hosting a series called "The Beauty Files:  Share the Beauty".  This week she had lots of tips and tricks to give you a head full of healthy hair.  I know I've started drinking more water and taking my vitamins more reguarly!

6.  This next post not only caught my eye because it is about a bright pop of pink but it also is a  Crochet-A-Long!  Yay, for CAL's.  They are so much fun.  Vickie Howell has shared her pattern for "A Springtime Scarf" with anyone who would like to create it.


7.  I just had to feature this recipe post because the name just Cracks-Me-Up!!!  Monster Mama has shared a recipe for "Slutty Brownies".  What is a Slutty Brownie, you might ask?  Go on over and find out.  I have a feeling I'll be doing a post of my own about Slutty Brownies :)

8.  Last, but now least, is a post that just made me go:   "Ahhh, how sweet is that!"  This "American Beauty Rose Pincushion" at (un)Deniably Domestic  fed my love of tea cups and sewing.  I had to fight the urge to go thrifting and find the perfect cup for my own pincushion right there and then.  I simply couldn't use any of the hundreds that I have in my china cabinet:)
Well, that wraps up my Misc. Finds Monday for this week.  I hope you've enjoyed these features and maybe gotten a few ideas you'd like to hang onto yourself.

I'll be doing more blogland cruising this week to see what great posts to feature next week.  If you have a post that you think I would like (but might miss)  please leave a link in the comments.  I'd love to see what you're working on!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Thanks for introducing me to some new blogs!

  2. Oh, my! Thank you so much for the shout out! I am humbled indeed. I will be back to say more. Spring break is over so it's back to the classroom with me this morning. Have a fabulous Monday! ~Kelly


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