Monday, September 12, 2011

Time Flies and Clock Watching

Today starts the third week of school for Kaylee and the very first Monday.  Right now she is in her room getting ready for the day.  Thank God, she is loving school this year, mostly due to having a locker, I think.  hehe  Her teachers are all great and she is enjoying her day.  Hopefully this lasts.

Laken has been going to my mom's 2 days a week for "Mamaw's Pre-K" as I'm calling it.  She also loves it because, well, it is at Mamaw's house! 

I've been volunteering in Kaylee's school library on Tuesday's all day and Friday mornings.  I love helping out and being involved in our community charter school that has been a Godsend.  It really couldn't have happened without his intervention.

I've also been crazy busy with etsy orders.  A good thing but busy, busy, busy!  I thank God for every order I get and still get excited.

Although all these things are very, very good, I am struggling to get back on a "School Week Routine".  I'm so used to our summer routine.  Laid back, still busy, but not living by the clock.

Now we're back to living by the clock.  The clock wakes me up, (I wake the kids), I watch the clock for school drop-off, I watch the clock for school pick-up, I watch the clock for mail-drop off, I watch the clock for dinner prep time, I watch the clock for various meetings in the evening (some school related, some church), I watch the clock for bedtime-routine-time, I watch the clock to get the kids in bed on time, I watch the clock to get me in bed at a decent hour so that I can listen for the clock to wake me up.

Clock, clock, clock!

I'm hoping that I can get settled back in the fall routine this week.  It is the first full week of school and I'm going to be tweaking my schedule this week to make sure I'm not neglecting the most important parts of my day.  Especially my devotion time. 

I want to get back to spending my daily time with God before I get bogged down in the activities and busyness of the day.  I miss those quiet summer morning on the deck.  Just me and God.  Time to get that back.

Hopefully my body's internal clock will adjust soon and I won't be watching the actual clock so much this week.

Well, "time" to get Kaylee to school.  lol

Have a great week everyone!

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