Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Tone Beanie with Flower or Button

This is a new hat/beanie that I gave a whirl a few weeks ago.  I pretty much made it up as I went.  Mixing a few different patterns together to come up with something I liked.

Here is a boy version in gray and black with a button accent.  I sent a few of these off to a fellow SAHM who does photography from her home.  She in turn sent me some great pictures.  You can go to her website at  I also did one in shades of brown and also a green/cream variation.

 Isn't this little boy adorable?

You might recognize this little ham as daughter #2, Laken.  This hat is made in Honeydew with a Lite Raspberry accent and flower.  This picture I took on our back deck.  Not professional but still super cute.  I may be a bit biased!

I don't have these in my shop yet, but I will soon.  They can be made with any colors and I do custom orders.  So, if you'd like one of these before I have a chance to list them, feel free to contact me and I'll "hook" you up.  lol

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  1. Very cute. Im a knitter so can appreciate the work. Hope you have time to check out my blog at

    Have a good week.


  2. Cute! Come and join our link party:

  3. She is definitely Miss Cutie pants in that very pretty beanie!


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