Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Long time..."Beyond Blue" by Therese Borchard

It has been a long time since I've posted.

I've been in a "funk". Haven't done much reading (other than self-helpish kinds of books), quilting or anything other than just getting through the days.

With a med increase, I'm coming out of the "funk". Thank God! Really, I thank God so much! I still have more progress to make but it takes time.

I've started a new shawl and also a scrappy Disappearing Nine Patch.

I haven't really been able to read fiction. But the funny things is (or maybe the God thing) a while back I won a copy of "Beyond Blue" by Therese Borchard. At the time, I was feeling pretty good so I put it on my bookshelf.

When my "funk" started creeping back in, off the bookshelf it came. I devoured it in an afternoon of speed reading and then went back through and read it more slowly.

While some aspects of Therese's disease are more extreme than what I go through (I'm not bipolar), there were many, many things that were similar especially right after the birth of my daughters and what I felt creeping up on me this Spring.

She uses humor to help people cope with a very humorless disease. She is spreading the word that there is help to be gotten and it can be overcome.

One of Therese's goals is to take away the stigma of depression/anxiety/ocd/bipolar/etc. diseases and the neccessity of medication for some.

Her blog "Beyond Blue" can be read at Beliefnet.com.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear why you've been 'away'. Depression in any form is an alienating and lonely road- I know as I battle constantly with it. And yes meds are necessary sometimes. Thinking of you, hang in there. I'm going to look at the blog you link and see if I can find the book perhaps too- thank you for that.


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